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We plant trees and seeds of hope. Trees are an essential part of the solution to some of the most significant issues facing our planet. They can trigger a desire to strive for a common goal and bring a sense of unity and independence to the communities that nurture them. What we care about most is creating a culture where everyone feels responsible and capable of making sustainable change in the community. The increasingly visible signs of accelerated deterioration of the environment that threaten the survival of the human species are inspiring reasons to initiate Planting Hope.

Environmental Awareness


Planting Hope promotes environmental awareness and encourages locals to nurture trees. One of the supported programs in Colombia, Transforming the Environment, has empowered 1,000 youths to enhance their regions' ecosystems, aid preschool education, and drive sustainable farming.

Another supported program in Zambia, the 2023-launched Environmental Health Program, not only underscores the universal imperative for a pristine environment but also champions the social and economic upliftment of communities, mirroring Planting Hope's holistic vision.


Planting Hope champions agricultural training, empowering locals for sustainable growth and independence. In Colombia, the Transforming the Environment Program, run by FUNDAEC, provides workshops that emphasize the extensive benefits of tree planting, both theoretically and practically. Similarly, the Environmental Health Program (conducted by Inshindo) in Zambia performs workshops held by farmers, emphasizing the ecological roles of trees beyond carbon sequestration and elucidating the connection between community well-being, biodiversity conservation, and environmental health.


Community Wellbeing

In Zambia, the Inshindo Foundation champions the "Community Schools Program" and the "Community Agriculture Program" to nurture capacities and promote community upliftment. Meanwhile, in Colombia, FUNDAEC collaborates with local NGOs, training individuals as promoters of community wellbeing, with the notable participation of women. Rather than providing one-time support, these initiatives establish a lasting connection with families. With the aid of the TwoWings Foundation, 125 vegetable garden initiatives were fortified in Cali, Colombia, signifying the collective mission to bolster community wellbeing across regions.


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