Project Objectives (2022-2023)

Financial support to promote 40 new productive and community initiatives and provide technical support to 125 initiatives already established. The project characterizes families and allows the operating team to identify the conditions of each of the families that are going to participate, the number of members per family, the infrastructure that will be used for the initiatives, and contact information on the registration forms of each family. Continuous monitoring of the initiatives and fostering constant accompaniment and technical support to each participating family can guarantee their permanence in the project.

Design and provide three (3) theoretical-practical workshops for the community on the following topics: i) Leadership, ii) Health, and iii) Organic fertilizers and holding pedagogical meetings with participants. The training on these topics is offered to the participating families in person (considering the Covid-19 conditions) and in a space where they can exchange their experiences and, by highlighting their significant initiatives, enhance those of the other participating families.

Strengthen the systematization of experiences by implementing audiovisual content in coordination with the Créalo Foundation. As planned, a person with audiovisual experience supports the program's development in this field, and the project tries to achieve greater identity and empowerment by the community via strengthening systematization and dissemination carried out in the project to inform participating families and inhabitants about the different actions and activities.

Strengthen the Neighborhood Development Fund in communes 18 and 20. The project will use the surplus resources from the previous program to support specific actions necessary to unblock processes of community life in communes 18 and 20. The project coordinating team will evaluate the activities financed with this fund to ensure proper use of the allocated resources.

Promote the production of associated agricultural crops at the University Center for Rural Well-being CUBR demonstration plots. To strengthen the vision of food production in the countryside and the city, agricultural education practices will be carried out with some families from communes 18 and 20 at CUBR.

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Expected Results

  • Establishing forty (40) new production initiatives in 2022.

  • Providing technical support to one hundred twenty-five (125) productive initiatives established already.

  • Designing three (3) theoretical-practical workshops on “Leadership,” “Health,” and “Organic fertilizers” topics

  • Organizing three (3) intergenerational pedagogical meetings.

  • Having five (5) audiovisual pieces in the meetings, productive initiatives, and projects in general.

  • Strengthening one (1) neighborhood development fund.

  • Having three (3) pedagogical outings to the demonstration plots at CUBR (University Center for Rural Well-Being).

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