Planting Hope Strives to Transform Communities

Let's grow a greener future by planting trees!

Tree Species That We Plant Together

Trees can bring many nutritional, culinary, economic, pharmacological, and environmental benefits.

The Importance of Planting Trees


Plants are the basis of our life and the most significant living thing on this planet. We depend on them for every mouthful of food we eat and every lungful of the air we breathe.

The rules of the natural world direct us first to improve the basic and essential needs of the region more in demand or located in parts of the world with a more significant role in the Earth's survival, such as tropical and rainforests.

Humankind is in the state of an unquestionable need for conceptual and practical development performed in a delicately balanced social space and well-managed process. We can feed our will & enthusiasm and try to fulfill the goal of developing a new world order, or we can delay and lose the feasibility of our constructive intentions. So, let's join hands and not miss a single opportunity to move toward a more sustainable, hopeful & brighter life, even if it is only one step! One tree or one spark of hope!

Our first milestone:

Planting 10,000 Trees

Our Vision: Planting trees on a global scale

Planting Hope aims to support planting 10,000 trees on a global scale over two years. These trees bring environmental benefits, knowledge transfer, employability, reforestation, food security, and strengthening community bonds

Tree planted till now

The History of Our Beginnings, Goals, and Actions

Planting Hope supports inspiring tree planting programs that empower local communities, bringing the social, economic, and environmental benefits of trees to their lives and fostering prosperity and development.


Your Contribution Can Bring Multiple Benefits:

Food security and well-being of the communities
Environmental benefits
Job opportunities and income for local people
Raising awareness and contributing to the development of some of the capabilities needed for environmental protection
Sustainable increase in knowledge and skills of local communities regarding planting trees
Building Common Goals, Creating Enthusiasm and Strengthening Social Bonds
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As an individual or company, you can bring all these benefits with your donations in any amount via different tree packages.

Our Fundamental Values


1Developing community- building, unity, and solidarity


2Releasing human potential


3Educating local people


6A better future for the next generations


5Saving the Earth as our living habitat


4Impacting lives sustainably

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