Since the Ministry of Finance has recognized TwoWings as a humanitarian organization, your donations to the Planting Hope project are tax deductible. The registration number at the tax office is SO 1492. The criteria for settlement:

From January 1, 2017, onwards, any person who resides in Austria and wants his/her contribution to be tax deductible after donating to a charitable organization can no longer make this donation valid even in the tax return. Instead, the relevant organization must send the information to the tax office.

The prerequisite for this action is that the donors give their correct information, including their name, surname, and date of birth, matching the spelling in the central register of residents to the charity organization. The doner's information should be unconditionally correct.

This means you no longer need to keep your donation receipt and you no longer need to make sure you include your donations on your (employee) tax assessment. The amounts you have paid are automatically included in your (employee) tax assessment. In order for donations to be automatically included in your (employee) tax assessment, you must declare your full name and date of birth to the receiving organization. It is very important that you enter your details here correctly and especially that the spelling of your name matches the residence registration form. Therefore, all your donations can be reported automatically. The tax office will consider these amounts in your assessment. You no longer need to enter them on your tax return.

IBAN: AT07 1917 0000 1006 5001BIC: PABAAT2LReference: 5200913

Secure Donations:

Please enter your information in the relevant section with peace of mind and finalize your donation. Data is transmitted over an SSL-encrypted internet connection and is always secure, and your online donation will be completely safe.

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