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At Planting Hope, we stand firmly by our values of environmental sustainability, community empowerment, and fostering a brighter tomorrow for future generations. In this section, we invite you to discover our unique approach and the initiatives that make us stand out.


TwoWings Foundation: A Legacy of Impact Empowering Sustainable Change Since 1996

Why Can You Trust us?

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    27 Years of Global Impact: Founded in Austria, TwoWings has championed sustainable developmental programmes, touching lives in 12 countries across 15 diverse programmes.

    Current Endeavours: Proudly supporting the “Transforming the Environment programme” in Colombia and the “Environmental Health programme” in Zambia, championing the green cause.

    Prioritising Education: We ignite potential, guiding communities towards their envisioned future.

    Guiding Principles: We stress the equal importance of both wings of humanity, male and female, fostering collaborations built on mutual respect.

    Our Approach: We innovate, not imitate. Steering away from preconceived solutions, our programmes are co-created with local communities to address problems uniquely and sustainably.

    Certified Efficiency: Our commitment to transparency and efficiency is endorsed. Our financial operations are audited by a.m. Wirtschaftstreuhand, an audit firm and tax consulting company that documents financial history, ensuring every donation is effectively utilised.

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    TwoWings joined FUNDAEC NGO to work on the Transforming the Environment Programme in Colombia with the mission of bringing environmental benefits, knowledge transfer, employability, reforestation, food security, and community development.

    TwoWings joined the Inshinido Foundation to support the Environmental Health Programme in Zambia. This programme aims to empower communities through social action and capacity-building in areas like education, food production, and environmental promotion.

    TwoWings joined Beyond Verein, a German nonprofit organisation, to reinforce a shared commitment to youth empowerment and rural development in Vanuatu. This partnership serves as a compelling testament to the efficacy of combined efforts targeting a more sustainable, peaceful, and empowered world.

    Our synergies are a testament to the power of combined efforts aiming for a sustainable, peaceful, and empowered world.

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    Your contributions are acknowledged with an official TwoWings Certificate.


    Certificate for Companies and Individuals

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    We do more than just plant trees!

    We conduct comprehensive research and consult with local communities to select the most beneficial and suitable tree species.

    We empower and train locals, supporting them through the entire process of planting, nurturing, and harvesting trees.

    We aim to ensure food security and provide reliable employment, income, and development to communities that value and uphold ecological responsibility through the Planting Hope programme.

    We continue to monitor and care for the trees throughout all stages of their life cycle.

    We offer various tree donation packages for your company, allowing you to select the one that suits you best.

Planting Hope: Bringing Values to Your Company



Promoting Your Business

87% of consumers have a more optimistic view of a company that supports social or environmental issues. Cooperation with Planting Hope will increase your reputation.


Investment in the Future of Your Industry

Your industry's future hinges on a healthy environment and thriving communities—a wise investment today.


Achieving Your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

By participating in Planting Hope, your hotel will fulfil its corporate social responsibility and distinguish itself as a socially conscious enterprise.


Attracting Investors

Many analysts weigh environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance in their decisions. Partnering with Planting Hope can attract ESG-focused investors.


Employee Satisfaction

Employees are drawn to companies that focus on sustainability, as it adds purpose to their work.

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