Initiators and Cooperators of the Program

The Planting Hope project is planned and implemented by the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of Science (FUNDAEC.) in Colombia and the cooperation of TwoWings Foundation in Austria, Crealo foundation in Colombia, community leaders, and local organizations of Cali in Colombia. The social responsibility to strengthen the neighborhood food systems project, one of the Planting Hope program's goals, will be coordinated by the team of FUNDAEC's Leadership and Community Development program that works with community leaders and organizations in Cali. Likewise, it is hoped that there will be a coordinating team for the project in the community to allow each of the activities to be carried out onsite.


Objectives, Breadth, and the Scope of What We Do

“No matter what happens in the world, people will always need food!” Our service promises to deliver income-producing Trees for underprivileged people through FUNDAEC’s education programs. What we do with the help of tutors and supporting groups in the neighborhoods helps the communities learn about the potential of planting trees to reduce food costs and increase income. After a few years exporting fruits to high-income countries enables small local producers to increase their prosperity. The program tries to eliminate food shortages, create job opportunities and bring socio-economic and environmental benefits to the regions in Cali, and Caribbean, Colombia. The goal of the project is to plant 10,000 trees in the region over two years and conduct training workshops on how to grow trees and life-changing skills for local people. Residents will be trained in agroforestry topics and supplied with seedlings and saplings to plant new trees and create small gardens. This project will also strengthen people's social relations, motivate them to strive for common goals, build a united society, and help them see themselves as a strong, independent community.


TwoWings organization funds the purchase of seeds, supply fertilizers, pest controls, and training workshops to help grow and maintain the seedlings for all planting activities of the project.

The program consists of two parts:


    Urban Gardening

    In urban gardening, people plant identified trees and plants in their public spaces, balconies, yards, or small farms. They will consume the products themselves or exchange them in the local market.


      Small Agroforestry

      In the small agroforestry program, local people are provided with fruit and non-fruit tree seedlings in the region for food, income, and preservation of the natural environment.

      Whether the program is planting trees for self-consumption or promoting the products for the local market, the strategies have a great impact due to their possibilities for self-organization and generating their expansion dynamics.

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