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The world’s critical environmental issues cannot be addressed without companies’ involvement. Based on studies, companies that show support for social or environmental causes are viewed more favourably by 87% of consumers, while employees tend to be more content when working for environmentally responsible employers. Join our environmental and social actions to improve the planet, communities, and your brand’s identity. Let's embrace the sustainable revolution and avoid falling behind.


Customer loyalty

Customers are likelier to remain loyal if they see your active commitment to community development, humanitarian, and environmental issues. Encouraging customers to participate in these philanthropic endeavours and care about the future of the Earth can further strengthen these bonds. This approach is supported by research showing that customer loyalty is often linked to corporate social responsibility efforts.


Environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprints

By planting trees, you can offset your company's carbon footprint and make a significant environmental impact while showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Each tree planted has the potential to sequester an average of 3 tonnes of CO2 over a span of 100 years.


Enhancing employee and customer engagement

Contribution to Planting Hope empowers your business to collaborate on global reforestation, offering a unique way to appreciate your employees, customers, or business associates. Trees can be planted and nurtured in the recipient's name as a gift to them through your generous donation. To the email addresses you provide, we will send a personalised, eco-friendly gift card on your behalf. This will highlight their significant contribution to our planet, fostering a sense of purpose.


Online reviews and public reputation

Upon participating in tree planting with Planting Hope, your actions will be celebrated through online platforms: Green Habitat (our hotel booking partner), the Planting Hope website, and TwoWings Foundation's social media. Furthermore, we'll issue an online certificate to celebrate your company's sustainability commitment.


Investing for the future

Earth's finite resources, including fossil fuels, minerals, freshwater, and arable land, are diminishing alarmingly. Planting trees will help extend your company's lifespan and preserve our planet's limited resources.


Aligning with national and international decarbonisation goals

Planting Hope activities are in line with the provisions of the Paris Agreement and directly move towards nine of the 17 sustainable development goals. By cooperating with Planting Hope, your company can align with these global agreements.


Attracting investors

According to the EY Global Corporate Reporting Survey published in 2022, 78% of investors want companies to focus on environmental, social, and governance activity, even if it hits short-term profits. According to PwC's Global Investor Survey 2022, investors say sustainability is a priority for companies. According to Morgan Stanley's 2021 report, 99% of millennials and 79% of all individual investors were interested in sustainable investing. By collaborating with Planting Hope, you can gain a competitive edge and attract investors who prioritise sustainable investments.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Planting trees is a practice where your company can fulfil its CSR commitment, build its reputation as a responsible business, and promote positive social and environmental impacts. Your action, an embodiment of foresight and wisdom, will resonate across the community, amplifying your corporate standing and highlighting your commitment to sustainable change.


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