Gift Trees to the Earth


Make a positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants by planting trees with Planting Hope.

If you aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, fulfil your social responsibility, and enhance your brand image, explore our range of tree packages tailored for companies. Once you choose your tree package and plant the seed(s) of Hope, we will honour your contribution by presenting you with a Certificate recognising your evergreen commitment. At this stage, you can offer eco-friendly gifts to staff, clients, or partners. A gift card will be sent on your behalf, and you'll get a copy. You can also display your sustainability on social media or websites, affirming your commitment to the planet and meeting environmental, social, and economic responsibilities.

Clicking the button simplifies your donation selection, guiding you until you receive a receipt and Certificate via a 'thank-you' email from Planting Hope. Join our progressive initiative.


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