Benefits and Features

Boosting Customer and Employee Engagement

Build loyalty and attract talent with community care and sustainability. Gift tree donations via Planting Hope's cards to employees, customers, or partners.

Engaging Eco-conscious Investors

Attract investors focused on environmentally friendly projects, giving your company a competitive edge.

Strengthening Stakeholder Relationships

Engage with stakeholders on multiple fronts, reflecting an earnest dedication to sustainability.

Securing the Future of the Industry

Enhance ecosystem resilience and environmental sustainability, ensuring a more stable environment for energy production.

Aligning with Global Goals and Combating Climate Change

Directly contribute to global CO2 negative emission goals using nature-based solutions and drive the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Enhancing Public Perception and CSR

Boost CSR and elevate your image through eco-commitment. Collaborating with TwoWings brings recognition and promotion of your dedication, endorsed with a certificate.

Empowering Communities

Associate with communities for eco-friendly tree growth. Boost learning and self-reliance, enriching local jobs and incomes.

Why You Can Trust Us

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    TwoWings, an Austrian nonprofit known for successful developmental activities globally since 1996, allied with esteemed NGO FUNDAEC, founded in 1974.
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    TwoWings Foundation takes pride in advancing global tree-planting efforts through financial backing and heightened awareness through the Planting Hope initiative. FUNDAEC's 'Transforming the Environment Project' is one of the impactful ventures that Planting Hope supports. In creating a broad collaborative impact, we also contribute to other global eco initiatives focused on enriching environmental sustainability, reforestation, skill development, food security, and community well-being.
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    Your contributions are acknowledged with an official TwoWings certificate.

Ready to make a difference? Here's how you can get involved:

Donate to Plant Trees

Donate to Plant Trees

By donating to Planting Hope, your firm can reduce global CO2 emissions, acknowledge social commitments, and elevate its brand. You'll be recognised with a certificate from Planting Hope, and whether it's a one-time or regular donation, your contribution to tree planting makes a difference.

Link to our Certificate
Gift Trees to Your Network

Gift Trees to Your Network

Honour your employees, customers, partners, or anyone you wish uniquely by gifting trees nurtured in their name. With your donation, recipients get an eco-friendly gift card on your behalf, fostering a shared commitment to our planet.

Get Engaged

Get Engaged

Embark on a unique partnership with us for innovative solutions. We eagerly anticipate collaborative ventures that positively impact the environment, communities, and your company. Kickstart your contribution by responding to this email for further dialogue. Together, let's build a brighter future!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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