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Elevate Your CSR and Public Image

Partner with TwoWings and amplify your commitment to sustainability. Receive certification to bolster your corporate social responsibility efforts further.

Boost Employee Morale

Engage your workforce with eco-friendly initiatives. A significant percentage of employees see sustainability as crucial when choosing their employer.

Expand Market Appeal

With many investors focusing on sustainable investments, your partnership with Planting Hope can position you as a top choice for eco-conscious stakeholders.

Champion Global Sustainability Goals

Contribute to key global objectives like the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, showcasing your proactive stance on global challenges.

By joining hands with Planting Hope, your company can seamlessly bridge its goals with global, humanitarian, and environmental benefits. Choose sustainability, Choose a brighter future, Choose Planting Hope.


TwoWings Foundation: A Legacy of Impact Empowering Sustainable Change Since 1996

Why Can You Trust us?

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    27 Years of Global Impact: Founded in Austria, TwoWings has championed sustainable developmental programmes, touching lives in 12 countries across 15 diverse programmes.

    Current Endeavors: Proudly supporting tree planting initiatives in Colombia and Zambia, championing the green cause.

    Prioritising Education: We ignite potential, guiding communities towards their envisioned future.

    Guiding Principles: We stress the equal importance of both wings of humanity - male and female- fostering collaborations built on mutual respect.

    Our Approach: We innovate, not imitate. Steering away from preconceived solutions, our programmes are co-created with local communities to address problems uniquely and sustainably.

    Certified Efficiency: Our commitment to transparency and efficiency is endorsed. Our financial operations are audited by a.m. Wirtschaftstreuhand, an audit firm and tax consulting company that documents financial history, ensuring every donation is effectively utilised.

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    In tandem with FUNDAEC NGO in Colombia, we're blending traditional knowledge with scientific innovation for transformative community empowerment and environmental protection.

    In collaboration with the Inshindo Foundation in Zambia, we assist in advocating a harmonious coexistence with nature, addressing dire environmental challenges in addition to community development.

    In alliance with Beyond Verein in Vanuatu (a German nonprofit organisation), we underscore our commitment to youth empowerment and rural development.

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    Your contributions are acknowledged with an official TwoWings Certificate.

Ready to make a difference? Here's how you can get involved:

Donate to Plant trees

Donate to Plant trees

By donating to the Planting Hope programmes, you will take a valuable step in reducing global CO2 emissions, improving air and water conditions, and healing the planet. Your collaboration will be recognised with a certificate from Planting Hope, elevating your brand’s image.

Gift Trees to Your Network

Gift Trees to Your Network

Show your appreciation to your employees, customers, partners, or anyone special by presenting them with trees nurtured in their name. Following your generous donation, recipients will receive an eco-friendly gift card on your behalf, fostering a shared commitment to our planet.

Get Engaged

Get Engaged

We are excited to discover collaboration opportunities to impact the environment, communities, and your company positively. Take the first step by filling in the blanks, and let's start a meaningful conversation. Together, we can create a brighter future!

What We Do

Planting Hope stands as a symbol of innovation and commitment to making meaningful changes on Earth.


    TwoWings and FUNDAEC

    The Transforming the Environment project in Colombia strives to bring environmental benefits, knowledge transfer, employability, reforestation, food security, and stronger community bonds.


      TwoWings and Inshido

      The Environmental Health Programme in Zambia seeks to empower communities through social action and capacity-building in areas such as education, food production, and environmental promotion.

      Embrace the journey of positive impact with Planting Hope. Your collaboration can sow the seeds of change and cultivate a legacy of environmental responsibility. Your collaboration with us is more than a gesture; it's a stride towards a sustainable future. Join us today and be a part of something extraordinary. Together, let's build a brighter future!

      We look forward to hearing from you!


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